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How far is the walk?

1 mile. You can also do part of the walk or skip it and just enjoy the activities.

What is the surface of the walk route? Are there hills?

The surface is a rubberized running track on the grass of the Camp Mabry Parade Grounds. The route is flat.

Can we put our dog in a wagon or stroller?


Can children attend?


What is the charge for children?

Kids in strollers are free. Otherwise, cost is $30 if they are walking a dog or $10 if they’re just coming along.

Is it for all dogs or just Service Dogs?

All dogs!

Is there an off leash/play area allowed at all on the grounds?

No. All dogs must be kept on leash at all times for everyone’s safety.

How many dogs can you take?

For safety, each dog must have its own person walking it.

Is there first aid for dogs?

Yes, we have veterinary first aid on site, courtesy of All Creatures Mobile Clinic.

Is there water for dogs?

Yes, we have four water stops with water for people and dogs. We also have wading pools for the dogs.

Skip the lines and get your Wag Bag and Collectable T-shirts early!

Saturday, October 29

10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Mud Puppies

2015 E. Riverside Dr., Bldg. 9

Austin, TX 78741

(512) 912-0200

Saturday, November 5

10:00 am – 5:00 pm


6317 Bee Caves Rd.

Austin, TX 78746

(512) 350-2044

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