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Named “The Doggiest Day In Austin,” the Mighty Texas Dog Walk is a staple of Austin’s nationally recognized dog loving culture, already fetching 11 Guinness World Records including “Most Dogs Walked”, “Largest Fur Ball,” and “Largest Cake for Dogs”!


Proceeds benefit Service Dogs, Inc. The 35-year-old nonprofit provides Service Dogs to wounded veterans and other disabled Texans completely free of charge.

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Camp Mabry Parade Ground 2200 W. 35th St. Austin, TX 78703.

a) You can enter Camp Mabry at either the 35th street or 45th street gates.

b) At guard gate, you must show a valid driver's license or other ID for all persons over 18 in the vehicle.


Volunteers will direct you to free parking. If you need accessible parking, tell the volunteers and they will direct you there.

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  • All dogs must be current on their rabies vaccination.

  • Each dog must have its own walker.

  • You may NOT walk multiple dogs. Each dog must have its own walker.

Items Not Allowed:
  • No shock collars. (And if you can avoid metal collars, such as choke chains and pinch collars, all the better.)

  • No Dogs pulling wagons

  • No 2-wheeled vehicles, including Segway™ Human Transporters, skateboards.

  • No Strollers larger than 36" x 52", suitcases, backpacks or similar bags with wheels,

  • No strollers or wagons soley for tote bags or swag. Only wagons or strollers carrying people or dogs are permitted.

​SDI, Security, and Representatives reserve the right to request anyone to leave the grounds.

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