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  • What is a team?
    A team is a group of families, co-workers, or friends participating together at MTDW.
  • Why form a team?
    Teams make the fun even bigger for families, friends, co-workers and clubs. Bond over some friendly competition, while contributing to a noble cause: Compete in a costume contest together: Show off your creative side and have fun. Recruit the most members: Build the biggest team and win recognition. Raise the most funds: Every dollar contributes to the life-changing work of Service Dogs, Inc.
  • What are the requirements? How many do you need for a team?
    Anyone may join or create a team. There's no minimum number of members or cost to create a team. Tickets must be purchased for entry.
  • How do I create or join an existing team?
    Click "Join or Create a Team" below On the next page, fill in your details and click "Sign up" Select either "Join an existing team" or "Create your own team"
  • How much does it cost to create or join a team?
    There is no extra cost to join or create a Team. Each member just purchases a ticket at the same price as individuals.
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