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On a hot summer day a little scruffy white dog with a cute underbite showed up in the alley behind the KXAN Austin News studio. A KXAN team member nicknamed him “Kaxan” after KXAN, and it stuck as his name. 

Jim Spencer, KXAN Chief Meteorologist, decided to make Kaxan a part of his family. Kaxan appears on KXAN News often, attends marketing events for KXAN, Kaxan loves going to doggie daycare, playing with his schnauzer sisters, loves all treats & food, and has a crazy collection of sunglasses & costumes which he wears often in photos for social media.

Kaxan loves meeting new people, and is using his position with the KXAN Austin News family to help educate & bring awareness to the public about dog care, safety, dog rescue, and therapy dogs. 


Kaxan will be PAW-tographing copies of his new book Becoming Kaxan at the Celebrity Author booth at #MTDW22.

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